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About Welcome to the official page of Ford Philippines.
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Description Ford’s Facebook page is a place where you can learn about the latest news from Ford, while engaging in respectful dialogue between Ford, our current and prospective customers, and all of our fans interested in the Ford brand from around the world.

Our goal with not only our Ford Facebook page, but also all of our Ford-related product and brand pages is to offer an official destination where we can create both interesting and entertaining Ford content and news to share with all of you. We may also utilize Facebook functionality to share your posts. Please keep in mind that due to the highly regulated industry in which we work, there may be certain topics that we’ll be unable to discuss here, and as we are not acting in a consulting capacity, we will not be providing explanations for decisions or following up to tell you something we already knew or have discovered since your post. Additionally, comments relating to legal or regulatory matters do not belong here. Unless originated from an official Ford account, please be aware that the information on our pages should not be viewed as official communication from Ford (either in posts or comments). Posts and comments on this page are not intended to be professional advice or recommendations and do not necessarily reflect Ford policy or corporate opinion. For official product advice and Ford related news, please refer to, or

To remain in good standing with our community and ourselves we kindly ask that you respect the following guidelines when participating in discussion on our Facebook pages. We will moderate comments, and any comments falling outside of the discussion guidelines below are subject to not being published and/or being removed.

Participation Guidelines for Ford Fans
We are a community of enthusiasts. Please try to be respectful of the opinions of all posters on all Ford-related Facebook pages. We encourage everyone to have a voice, and as such, opinions will differ. We simply ask to think before you post. You can debate and be constructive without being hurtful in your comments and posts to both Ford as well as Ford’s fans.

The Ford Facebook page is about dialogue and relationships, not about spam. Please keep all comments related to the subject matter of the post, as off-topic or spam posts are subject to deletion.

We will not tolerate posts that could offend another member of our community. To be very clear, Ford will remove any post that is offensive, including any post that refers to anything obscene, vulgar, sexually explicit, illegal, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, humiliating, defamatory, libelous, invasive of someone else’s privacy, or objectionable. It is in Ford’s sole discretion what content is offensive. And, it is in Ford’s sole discretion whether it will remove any content it considers offensive. If you have complaints regarding any of the content posted on this page, please contact us immediately.

Ford reserves the right to remove content. We are a community that prides itself on thoughtful dialogue. While we will remain tolerant of our community members’ opinions, we also reserve the right to remove content that doesn’t reflect the standards of our community.

Our customer relationship center is at your service from Mondays - Fridays, 8am-6pm.

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