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About KNOWHEN, the US #1 selling saliva ovulation test with a fertility monitor app for tracking. Accurately & naturally answers, could I get pregnant today?
Description While most couples conceive within a year of trying, it might take longer for others. There are only a few days each month when you can conceive, and having sex during the most fertile days of your ovulation cycle is key. Knowing your ovulation cycle and most fertile period is just as important if you do not want to get pregnant. KNOWHEN's Advanced Ovulation Test with Fertility Monitor app gives you the power to understand and adapt to your unique fertility and ovulation cycle which can vary from woman to woman.

Hilin Life Products is committed to empowering women with the tools and knowledge they need to take control of their fertility and other health‐related issues. We are a fast‐growing, dynamic company with products designed to help women get back to more natural family planning and way of life.
Mission After company founder, Helen Denise, almost died from complications of an unexpected ectopic pregnancy, she founded KNOWHEN® to help women know when they are ovulating. Using saliva, you can learn about your fertility cycle and accurately predict your ovulation.

Just five minutes each morning will give you the knowledge and power to decide whether to become pregnant or not. KNOWHEN® is a safe, natural and effective way to control your own fertility naturally.

With KNOWHEN® You Can Develop A Habit To Naturally…
· Know when and if ovulation is occurring at any age
· Become aware of your body from an early age
· Have the ability to time intercourse according to your personal goals
· Be familiar with your ovulation cycle and patterns and be immediately aware any changes
· See early signs of potential hormonal issues
· Ultimately answer the question, "Could I get pregnant today?"
Overview Why KNOWHEN®?

It’s more than an ovulation test for women

• 5 Most Fertile Days To Conceive And Your Ovulation Easily Identified

• Can Help You To Get Pregnant Faster Or Plan Future Pregnancy

• 98.9% U.S. Clinically Proven Accuracy, Unaffected By Medication Use

• Uses Saliva, Not Messy Urine

• Reusable For Years, Lifetime Guarantee

• Eliminates Guesswork On When To Test During The Month

• 100% Safe And Natural

• No Refills To Buy, Saves Money

• Effective For Women With Irregular Cycles

• Includes A Personalized Fertility Monitor App For Easy Lifelong Tracking

• Discreet, Easy To Use, Convenient

• Attractive Lipstick Like Packaging

• FDA Registered And Certified, CE Certified

• Next Generation Advanced Testing Device

KNOWHEN’s all about her reproductive health
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