El Varadero Seaside Grill

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About Go where the locals go when they're in the mood for "NOTHING FANCY, JUST GOOD FOOD!"
Description El Varadero Seaside Grill is one of the best kept secrets in the eastern fishing town of Fajardo, Puerto Rico... well, actually not a secret anymore, but it sounds good!

This Fresh Seafood Creole and Puerto Rican Rustic Restaurant is located inside the Beautiful Marina Puerto Chico in the eastern town of Fajardo and just minutes from the exclusive Waldorf - El Conquistador Resort.

When Charlie Barrett was 14 years of age, he had a dream. In his mind's eye, he saw himself owning and operating a Seafood Restaurant by the sea and by the age of 30 (more or less). He loved the culinary arts, and he loved the ocean.

So, from the age of 15 till he was 30 years of age, he pursued his passion by holding positions such as 2nd Cook all the way to General Manager of several restaurants and hotels. All the while, he was learning, training and absorbing it all. Coming from a strong culinary legacy instilled by his late grandfather (Israel Rodriguez Olivieri, who owned 14 restaurants), he developed "the gift" within by preparing eclectic food combinations: mixing flavors that have created delectable dishes that have made this restaurant stand out amongst the rest.

Joining this dream was his loyal shipmate for years, Isel Ortiz, who also had a passion for the culinary arts and had vast experience in the restaurant industry for many consecutive years. Together, they were the perfect combination, since she also brought to the table strong administrative and management skills which were essential in turning this restaurant into the success that it is today.

From the new comers to the Marina members, El Varadero Seaside Grill is a "must go" when visiting the Island. Taste where the locals go, when they are in the mood for nothing fancy, just great food in a tropical and casual setting. It's an experience you and your taste buds will never forget!

Phone 787.860.2662
Web site http://www.elvaraderoseaside.com/

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