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Description Evolving from a small gathering of like-minded friends into a vast pop-up metropolis celebrating a dizzying kaleidoscope of musical and artistic endeavour. Boomtown is one of the UK's most innovative independent festivals, offering its 60,000 people a fully immersive, theatrically-led experience like no other with hundreds of actors bringing the film-like street sets to life.

From mindblowing main stages to enchanting backstreet micro-venues, Boomtown's nine fully themed districts vibrate night and day to a soundtrack exploring everything from ska, folk, gypsy, reggae, world, punk, pirate and disco, via electro-swing, jazz, bluegrass, bass, jungle and techno. It's a city where imagination truly is the only boundary.

Mission An experiment to create the perfect world.
Overview A pop-up city where the impossible is possible and the abnormal is normal!
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