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About Millennium Audios is a leading music company in Kerala. It is started on April 2000.Millennium Audios is well known in Mappila Pattu,Video Albums,Animation
Description ‘Millennium Audios’ is a name prominent among the Malayalam music lovers and is regarded as the most sought after audio company of the 21st century. Through the years a lot of hit songs in Malayalam have rocked the market and was able to find space deep within the hearts of the music lovers, these amazing and innovative songs have not only set its root deep within the hearts of the music lovers but have also made the name ‘Millennium Audios’ a synonym for fabulous songs. Millennium Audios has been part of the music industry since 2000, ruling the industry gloriously for the past eleven years by providing its customers the most reliable and quality audio and video clips in the form of ACDs and VCDs. Behind the success of almost every hit albums are the hands of Millennium Audios, taking the role of a producer as well as a marketing company. The super hit video and song ‘Kalbanu Fathima’ which has captured the interest of the music lovers with its catchy and romantic music composition and lyrics is a masterpiece of the Millennium Audios. This album has also turned out to be a trend setter in the category of video albums.

With the companies grand success in the field of music Millennium has also set its foot in the world of Cinema by purchasing the copyrights of cinemas for releasing Cinema VCDs. Millennium has also earned proficiency in the field of Malayalam kids animation VCDs. A lot of high quality Millennium kids animated VCDs are now available in the market taking its round successfully. ‘Tintu Mon’ is one among the most successful kid’s animated VCD available under the Millennium banner. Millennium continues venturing into innovative ACDs and VCDs without looking back. The Kalolsavam and Yuvajanotsavam ACDs and VCDs is one among the company’s notable creations that has been of immense help to those aspiring to take part in Kalolsavam. Nadan Pattu, Gazhals, Devotional Songs (Hindu. Muslim, Christian) are a few categories of CDs that Millennium Audios have introduced into the market. Millennium is always keen to find out the needs and the interests of Malayalees scattered around the world so as to satisfy them and meet their ever-growing demands in the field of entertainment and music. Our policy is to ‘Take Good Music and Give Wide Market.’
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