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About Legend Knight Online is a free browser RPG set in a fantasy world full of magic, glory and epic battles.
Description Legend Knight Online is a free browser MMORPG set in a fantasy world full of magic, glory and epic battles. Evil never sleeps. This world is waiting for a hero. Are you ready to become one? In this new online role-playing game, you take on the role of a Legendary Knight — a mighty hero, whose purpose is to protect the world from the forces of darkness. Explore this mystical land, protect the weak and crush your enemies!

An epic story of an everlasting battle

The story of a Legendary Knight began over a millennium ago. During a devastating war between Gods and Demons, you helped to tip the scale. The forces of Light prevailed, but the victory was futile — Titans laid waste to your world and forced you to give up everything you fought for. You fell into a deep slumber but now your new life is about to change, the Demons are once again ready to launch an all out assault.

A world of fragile beauty and constant danger

Enchanted forests, murky dungeons, majestic cities and wonderful temples — the world of the Legend Knight Online has it all. Hundreds of different enemies are waiting to test your resolve but don't worry, inhabitants of this magical land are always there to help and guide you.

The path of a hero

This MMORPG offers you two classes to choose from:

Warrior — a hero that prefers the weight and feel of a blade in their hand. Crush your enemies with all your might, use special attacks and charge into battle!
Mage — a noble figure with a staff and ancient knowledge. Use the power of the elements, burn your enemies with fire, summon phantoms and use powerful spells!

Allies are eager to fight by your side

You don't have to fight your battles alone. The Legend Knight Online game allows you to recruit heroes to help you. Each of them has a unique set of abilities to complement yours during the fights. The game's battle system encourages you to assign them a specific place on a battlefield to get the most of their skills. For example, a sentinel placed on a front line will protect your mage against melee attacks.


Dragons play an important role in the game, but this feature is only available for experienced heroes. Defeat monsters, complete quests and explore the world to get a dragon of your own!

Play Legend Knight Online for free and forge your own destiny!
Web site http://legendknight.online

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