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Description In view of the mandate of NCHD and the requirements of Pakistan for improving human development indicators, the following programs were initiated:

* Education

One of the prime mandates of NCHD is to help Pakistan achieve the Millennium Development Goal - target of 86% literacy by 2015. In order to achieve this goal, the Commission prioritized “Education for All” and took a two-pronged approach towards this:

Curb the annual increase in the illiterate pool-by ensuring that all children enroll in school and don’t drop out before completion of five years of schooling;
Deal with the “back-log” of adult illiterates by implementing a country wide literacy program.

* Universal Primary Education (UPE)

Situation of Primary Education in Pakistan is as under:

Gross enrollment rates in schools is 70%
Out of it, 50% children dropout before reaching the fifth class
Only one third of the 50% survivors pass the primary education

* Objectives of NCHD’s UPE Program

100% enrollment (age 5-7 years)
Reducing dropout rate from 50% to less than 10%
Ensuring quality education through teachers' training
Increasing access by establishing community feeder schools where there are no schools.

* UPE Program strategy

House to house census survey of children aged 0-9 years and preparation of baseline data for out of school children aged 5-7 years in the target districts
Community mobilizations to promote enrollment of children in schools and reduce dropouts
Setting up ‘Feeder Schools’ for 5-7 year olds with local teachers in areas with no government schools to provide access
Training of primary school teachers in UPE and quality education
Provision of Feeder teachers to government schools to cater for increased enrollment.

* Adult Literacy Program

Adult Literacy is the key to improving standard of living and quality of human resources. NCHD developed a program keeping in mind the lessons learnt from past failures. The syllabus and textbooks are designed for easy learning and functionality, thereby, enhancing retention. Communities are mobilized to provide space as well as the teachers. Women are encouraged particularly to join these centers.

* After completion of six month course, the learner is able to:

Achieve the basic literacy equivalent to grade three
Read simple text of Urdu, Sindhi
Write a simple letter
Manage figures up to four digits able to add, subtract, multiply and divide

* Volunteerism for Community Development (VCD)

This Program functions as a support program for the implementation of Health and Education initiatives. Volunteers are identified through meetings at Union Council and District levels with the stakeholders and are given training in the Implementation of program activities. Each district has registered volunteers providing support in monitoring, trainings, advocacy and resource mobilization.

NCHD has always relied on its volunteers’ support over the years. These volunteers developed National Volunteer Corps, Forum of philanthropists, and generated resources worth Rs. 43 million (13 million in cash and 30 million in kind) in 96 districts of Pakistan. Presently the NCHD has over three hundred thousand registered and trained volunteers in the 96 districts of Pakistan.

* Relief Operations

• Due to the presence of NCHD in all the districts of Pakistan, it was a national responsibility to support district administration and communities at the times of calamities. NCHD provided relief services to the earth quake effected people in Mansehra, Abbottabad and AJK in the earthquake of 2005.
• Provided relief services to the Internally Displaced People of Malakand division in 2009.
• NCHD played a significant role in providing Rescue & relief services in almost 60 districts to the flood effected population of Pakistan.
• NCHD / PHDF raised funds especially for these activities from PHDF directors, philanthropists and donor agencies.
Mission Mandate of NCHD:

According to the Ordinance NCHD was given the mandate to work in the following areas:-

a) Basic Education:
i) Universal Primary Education, ii) Adult Literacy
b) Primary Health Care ,
c) Capacity Development Project (CDP)
d) Global Resource Mobilization

*Due to lack of resources we are just focusing on the (a) category that is providing Basic Education in Pakistan
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