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About London based models raising £5K to buy a minibus for the Delhi slums school funded by PETE india. Link to donate:
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I'm siobhan, I'm a model based in London and I'm raising money along side my best friend Charlotte Atkinson and some of my model friends for a charity working on projects in the slums of Delhi and the Himalayas. Stricken by some of the worst poverty in the world, this charity was bought to my attention by my former agent Nickie who knew of my passion for children. Nickie suggested I book a walk with this charity around their projects within the slums of Delhi during a work trip there.
Ever since i was smitten and my passion ignited and I have been frequently working along side the Co founder, Shiva who is based close to the slum projects and Nickie Purewal who has now quit her job as an agent and taken the voluntary position of UK Ambassador for PETE India.
This charity ia called PROVIDING EDUCATION TO EVERYONE or PETE. It aims to give children an education and guide them through to their adult life where they will use their teachings to attain jobs and careers. This school also gives safe childcare to the parents of the slums enabling them to go out to work in the city and ensuring that even the poorest of children are fed one good meal at least once daily. This charity is very small and is currently only registered in India. It only survives on donations of clothes and items bought by tourists and donations from tourists booking Slum walks or staying at their Nirvan commune in the mountains which funds the Himalayan projects.
My goal is to raise enough money to buy a bus for this charity which will open a whole new level of support and help. Not only can it be used for safely taking the children out and about but it can also be used to transport children from rural villages in the mountains safely to the PETE school which is nigh impossible during the winter because of extreme weather conditions.
This bus will massively help this community. To buy a new bus will cost around £10,000 or a second hand one will cost £5,000. Imagine knowing your little boy/girl/sister/brother/nice or nephew could be safely picked up from home and taken to a school in a safe environment without fear of being run over, taken or badly injured on the way.
Any corporate sponsors donating £5000 or more will be invited to have their company name and logo put onto the side of the bus, on all information/marketing materials and on both UK and Indian websites. They will also be provided with free accommodation at PETE's Nirvan Commune should they wish to visit the projects and see the work that PETE do.
Donations of £1000.00 or more will secure company names and logos on both websites and all awareness material used to inform people of the charity and the work that it does.
Charlotte, possibly Nickie and I will be going to India to personally buy this bus and present it to PETE's students in October (hopefully) so I really hope to have this money raised by then. I will document and film it and of course share it with you all.

The link to donate is

Thank you so much in advance.
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