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About One Elephant every 15min is slaughtered for Ivory. They will be extinct in 12yrs Register: and Say NO to Ivory

One elephant, every 15 minutes is killed for its ivory tusks. At this rate wild African elephants will be extinct in 12 years.
Join us for the peaceful, "International March for Elephants" to raise global awareness of the illegal ivory trade, its dire impact on elephant populations, human rights issues, national security and global economy, and ask our Governments to END it.

New York City, on Friday October 4th
March to United Nations
10:30 am
Corner of 42nd Street and 12th Ave, will leave promptly at 11:00 am

Program of Speakers:
12:45pm - 2:30pm
47th Stree and 2nd Ave
United Nations, Hammarskjold Plaza, 47th/2nd Ave, NYC 10017

Award-winning National Geographic journalist and author of "Blood Ivory," Bryan Christy, along with a line up leading conservationists and other prominent supporters will speak.

The iWorry campaign has so far gathered the support of True Blood Star Kristin Bauer van Straten, Canadian TV personality Tanya Kim and award-winning actress Kristin Davis who states, “We can make it stop, but only if we act now.” She continues, “Don’t let these majestic animals be brutally killed for human greed.” Organized by iworry, an advocacy campaign by Kenyan conservation charity The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (DSWT), the organizers say preventing the slaughter of elephants for their ivory has never been more critical than it is today. Though laws ban the trade in ivory internationally, the continued demand in consumer countries has resulted in a thriving black market and elephant poaching.

As a result ofthe illegal ivory and wildlife trade:
• One elephant is killed every 15 minutes for their tusks and 36,000 elephants are slaughtered annually.
• Criminal syndicates and terrorist groups, exploiters of the trade, threaten global and national security.
• In countries where tourism is the primary industry, millions risk losing
their livelihoods
• Any decline in tourism revenue for developing countries could lead to increased international aid
spending, funded by tax payers, to redress a likely fall in income.
• Over 1,000 wildlife rangers* have been killed in the course of protecting the elephants over the last decade, leaving families without fathers, husbands and income earners.

UK Director of the DSWT, Rob Brandford, says governments, including the US, have a vital role to play, “Without international cooperation from world leaders and law enforcement officials, the survival of this species hangs in the balance. Ultimately, the decline of elephant populations affects us all, whether it be emotionally, economically or morally.”

Learn more at: NYC

For media, to schedule an interview or for sponsorship inquiries, contact Lucy Read at:

NYC media contacts:
Dawn Wells:
Erika Mansourian:
Please wear a solid red, black, or white shirt OR order an official DSWT tee-shirt at for a strong visual impact.
For safety and city ordinances: No masks or sticks (cardboard tubes only allowed for signs)
Signs are OK (not overtly graphic or profane, please)
Our key message for the International March for Elephants is:
"Every 15 minutes 1 elephant is killed for its ivory. More oversight is needed to protect elephants from extinction and stop wildlife crime."
Suggested graphics, signage, messaging:
"One elephant is killed every 15 minutes"
"Elephants extinct in 12 years"
"Say NO to Ivory"


Ask a friend to take a photo of you with your isupport poster below, wherever you are in the world! Please email DSWT your photos or tweet them to @iworrytrade.
Download your isupport poster.


To our volunteer committee, especially the invaluable guidance and efforts of The Joey Company, Cheryl Brown, Richard White, Kennedy Events, and Alissa Blitzer, as well as the financial support of Christine Horace, Zev Keisch, Lisa Lubchansky, Scarlett Magda, DVM, Arliss Paddock, Peace for Elephants, Joan Reutershan, Deb Robinson, Nicole Smith-Goldberg, Liz Wainstock
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