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About vampire novel
Description I wrote this book long time ago 1994. War was still fresh in my memory, although I was lucky enough not to experience war in its most ugly form. And it was also the time when I first saw a dead body, and I remember how horrified I was, not because it looked horrible, but because it was not scary at all.
My love-affair with vampires lasted forever (since B. Lugosi and V. Price black and white movies, I saw as child), so reality of living in war-time Croatia, and my tendency toward these mythological creatures, created this book. My characters are war-vampires, they feed on battlefields. But that is only one little segment of what they are. They are so much more.
This was my first contact with vampires in written word and with Horror as genre. By then I have already written three novels, but SF, and I read mostly SF novels (Clarke, Asimov…). I haven’t even read much about vampires (only few old stories like Le Fanu’s, Byron’s - old-timers), so most the ideas about vampires I had were from movies. You see, I still was not able to read English, and in Croatia there were not, at time, many vampire books being translated from English. So decision to write my own vampire novel was all natural to me. I always liked writing books for my NO 1 reader.
So, this is how love affair started. And it lasts - 21 years since written -15 year since it was published in Croatia for the first time.
You will discover my childish indiscretion as soon as you start reading my book - I gave my female character my name. At time, 21 years ago, it seemed funny to do so. Well - it still is.
Only few words about the plot. My heroine is girl of 20-something. The atmosphere of the book supports her dissatisfaction with her everyday life, her being stuck in that place - little town still untouched by war; town surrounded by mountains, war raging all around the country and being only a matter of time before the seemingly peace will be shattered. She is so sick of being more dead than alive, that she is able to decide to go away into the unknown, even with the creature that she knows it’s a vampire. Her everyday life is do dull and pointless that she’ll do anything to feel alive. Even at the cost of other people's lives.
Well, you know what usually happens when one meats a vampire - a lot. That “lot” is what book is all about, and six novels following and few novellas that will be available as e-books (first one - An Angel on My Grave - coming soon!), and few crossover books... I will talk about each book as it is published. Also, will try to make every book different. I hate books in the series dragging the same concept through all books, concept that actually works only in the first one. So - prepare to be surprised. If you like one book, maybe you’ll hate the others. If you hated one - maybe you’ll love rest of it. And if you like my characters… well, everybody loves Damian. Even those who hate him.
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