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Description 1842年,中國清朝末期,第一次鴉片戰爭剛完結,大清王朝逐漸走向末路。在江南有一官戶人家,感到國力日漸衰弱,擔心將來有一天子孫受累於亂世,特叮囑他的兒子,好好保存他唯一從京城帶回的一塊當時很值錢的袋錶,因為其手工非常精美,在必要時可去當鋪變換錢以備不時之需。就這樣,那塊袋錶就一代一代傳了下來。


進了屋內,他被那牆壁上,桌子上的中國古代雕刻工藝震攝住了,對那凝聚了五千年文化的藝術結晶讚歎不已。然後,他看到了家傳之寶---正是1842 年他祖先遺留下來的一個清朝中葉的古董袋錶。看到此錶精美的設計,他產生了一個念頭:他決心要在香港復興這種古老的工藝,再配合當今歐美的頂尖設計,創造出另一個品牌傳奇。那古董袋錶的故事告訴着他,最能紀念時間的東西,就是時間本身。而他也知道,鐘錶的最高工藝品就是陀飛輪。


When a Story Begins

In 1842, in the eyes of the Chinese, empress of the Qing dynasty was a weak link in the Royal family because of her inability to reverse the economic crisis induced after the first opium war and to protect the integrity of their territories from the invasion. Facing the increasingly unstable political situations and social upheaval, a family decided to move to southern China where most of cities were intact after the opium war. They brought with their personal belongings and a hand-made pocket watch designed by the best craftsman of its time. They brought the pocket watch because it might be traded for life in case they were short of money. The pocket watch was not sold and was kept with the family for generations.

A hundred years later, in a sun-drenched morning in a city of Jiang Nan area of southern China, a youth was walking towards his ancestral home – a place where his ancestors have lived for centuries. He was born in Hong Kong, a charismatic city with rapid economic growth and strong cultural diversification, and it was his first time visiting his ancestral home. He was overjoyed when he found the pocket watch, an antique that represents 200 years of fine craftsmanship and a unique everlasting memory for his family.

This pocket watch was a legacy of his ancestors in 1842. The first experience with the antiques in his ancestral home and the pocket watch were described by him as shocking. He was amazed by the architect of the antiques and the engineering of the pocket watch. The architecture was the wood carvings that reflect the finest craftsmanship with the Chinese history of 5000 years; the engineering was the mechanics of the pocket watch’s movement. Inspired by the fine architecture and precise engineering, he has an idea. He decided to re-create this very fine architecture and precise engineering in a modern context, by combining the concept of time, old Chinese wood carvings, and the European avant-garde design concepts into one single piece: The MEMORIGIN Tourbillon wrist watch. Because of your purchase this story can be carried on to spread around.
Mission 五千年文化點綴,獨有的永恆回憶。
Uniqueness. Originality. Eternity
Overview 這是一個中國人、香港人的故事。也是一個匯集中華五千年文化與手工藝的寫照。
MEMORIGIN 是香港目前唯一一個高檔陀飛輪手錶品牌。從一個小漁村到現在東方之珠,MEMORIGIN 見證著香港的繁榮和進步,亦同時間享受著此國際大都會帶來的中華文化和國際品味的結合。此錶的每一個零件和螺絲,都注入了中華文化5000 年手工藝的血汗精髓和國際最頂尖的設計。

左邊字為MEM 為Memorial的意思,即“紀念價值”,此錶不但指示時間,更有紀念生命重要時刻的意思。右邊字為ORIGIN 為ORIGINAL的意思,即“獨一無二”的配搭、特性和思維。其中文名為“萬希泉”,感應著香港這美麗海港之繁榮景象和濃郁文化氣色,令此錶如“萬眾希 望的泉源”,以精巧極緻的製錶工藝帶給世界各地的愛錶人仕滿懷的希望和快樂的時間。

Company Background

MEMORIGIN is a Hong Kong company which only produces Tourbillon watches with its own brand name. The development and application of the tourbillon technology by MEMORIGIN can be seen as a major leap of technological advances in the watch industry and a major victory for Hong Kong, China.

With its base founded in Hong Kong, MEMORIGIN has witnessed the miracle of economic transformation of the city from an unnoticed local village filled with largely graceful fishermen to an international city gathered with various professional talents. Getting inspired by Hong Kong’spicturesque Victoria Harbor, MEMORIGIN aims to bring our customers the eternal flow of happiness and sweet memories.

As the name MEM-ORIGIN suggests, our tourbillon watch is a unique timepiece that shares the good memories of the past and carries hope of the future. On the left, MEM means Memorial-this watch not only records time, but also it gathers memories that are the most significant in your life; on the right, ORIGIN means Original. Thus the assembled meaning of the word MEMORIGIN advocates the grandeur idea to provide our clients with selections of timepieces that serve their unique purposes to celebrate and memorize the everlasting memories of their lives.
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