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About Aviary Recovery Center is an outpatient addiction treatment center in St. Louis, Missouri. Our drug rehabilitation programs include PHP and IOP.
Description Who We Are.

We are a team of social workers, counselors, psychiatrists, physicians, nursing and recovery coaching professionals who specialize in the treatment of alcohol and drug addiction with co-occurring disorders. To help you, we provide a supportive, predictable, structured and safe environment to begin the healing and recovery process.

Our team is made up of high Character, Compassionate, and Competent professionals who are honored with the trust that you and your family will place in them.

What We Believe.

The approach we take is addiction is a chronic condition of the brain, no different than diabetes or cardiovascular disease, it requires medical treatment by health care professionals who have the passion and expertise to support the needs of those battling alcohol or drug addiction. Over 80% of those struggling with addiction also struggle with a co-occurring mental health conditions, or a dual diagnosis.

A whole health emphasis means we incorporate nutritional balance, emotional health, physical wellness, spirituality, and psychiatric health into the recovery process. For more about the specific approaches we take to help you become who you want to be, please see our treatment approach page.

We at The Aviary believe collaboration is key for long term recovery. During treatment here, we will communicate with professionals of your choosing to ensure your transition after treatment with us is seamless. We also work with your insurance company to get the coverage and the referrals you need in order to not have a lapse in support.

It is our goal to help you work through the challenges that fueled your habits, so you can focus on your goal of recovery. Don’t give up hope! The Aviary Recovery Center is the place to become what you want to be.
Mission Quality Substance Abuse Treatment in an Outpatient Setting. We approach recovery with an integrated whole health emphasis that is aimed at helping you through your recovery to become what you want to be.
Phone (888) 989-9505
Web site http://www.aviaryrecoverycenter.com

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