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About Encouragement, Advice, and Love from best-selling Author, Speaker,Business Owner, and Big Brother...Will Harris.
Description Every day I post two posts: one in the morning and one in the evening. Each post relates to the theme for the week.

This page is a positive uplifting place for you to visit. Here you are safe and welcomed. Here, all are loved and valued. Here, I inspire and educate.

Willpower Team Members
I created the Willpower Team. The team is composed of our Facebook page fans. They are taught directly by Will Harris on all matters of life...how to have a great life and how to help others have a great life. They are recognizable by having the Willpower Team Logo as their profile pic and having Willpower in their name FB name will be "Their First Name" Willpower; Susmita Willpower, Priya Willpower. Willpower Team members apply and get accepted based on their character and goals.

The book is available on Amazon.in and has been adapted specially for my fans in India. Cash on delivery is accepted and can be ordered at http://goo.gl/5OuUDf

The profits are donated to helping the poor.

Each week I offer lessons and encouragement. Visit the page daily. Be around happy people and happy thoughts….happy things will happen for you.

If you need to discuss a problem…send a FB inbox message. Me or a Willpower Team member will reply to your message.
Mission To Educate, Love, and Encourage you twice a day...every day.
Overview WIL Pvt Ltd is a soft skills seminar company whose profits go to humanitarian efforts in India.

Equally focused on making profit and making a positive difference in humanity.
Web site http://www.GoWillpower.com

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