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About Al Haramain Perfumes was founded in the Holy place of Mecca, Saudi Arabia in 1970; especially Catering Perfumery needs of the People all around the globe.
Mission Is to excite and comfort the human spirit – one person, and one bottle at a time.
Overview Al Haramain Perfumes was founded in 1970 in the Holy place of Mecca, Saudi Arabia and hence derived the name from itself - meaning ‘The Two Sanctuaries’. Being Mecca as its birth place, which is the origin of Islam, Al Haramain has ingrained its culture and traditions. And as all knows, scent is a rich heritage of Islam, and in particular Arabs & Middle East countries. Al Haramain embraces this by being one of the purest and the finest perfumery company catering all the perfumery needs around the globe for more than 4 decades. It constructs unique oriental and western luxurious fragrance for this creative and contemporary world. Al Haramain Perfumes designs various distinctive & tailor-made fragrances for vivid personality as per their psyche for instance Attar, Bukhoor, Agarwood, Amber, Body Spray, Cosmetics and Body Lotions.
Phone Toll Free: 800 Haramain (42726246) , Tel: +971 67480555
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