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About We Deliver Ultimate Assurance.
Mission We raise the quality of life throughout the world by leveraging our company and its capabilities to all people in order to develop and deliver leading customer-focused solutions to the Climate Control Industry. In so doing, we deliver dramatic growth in shareholder value.
Overview Thermo King Corporation, a technological leader in mobile temperature control, revolutionized the eating habits of the world. Truck and trailers fitted with Thermo-King self-powered refrigeration units cooled meats, poultry, fruits, and vegetables and permitted consumers to begin enjoying fresh food grown beyond their immediate vicinities.

Today, Thermo King is a global manufacturer supplying global markets. Our ten plants in seven countries design and build refrigeration and heating units for trucks, trailers, rail cars and ocean-going containers. Along with, air conditioning for buses, trains and urban mass transit, and auxiliary powered units for trailers for human comfort. The company also maintains an extensive distribution and service network, developed during the first years of production.

Our customers get the same high product quality whether we make their units in Hastings, Shenzhen, or Kolin. Our workers and their communities share a common commitment to prosperity through growth and international trade. Our planet gets ecologically responsible design, manufacturing and performance.
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