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About I have a very simple philosophy and that is to take the images that I want to see.
Description Photographer whose interest lies mainly in the pin-up, alternative, rockabilly, inked, fetish genres. I love it when I can combine all these with either custom bikes or American classic cars. On top of all that, I will also record your weddings, christenings and funerals to help pay the rent.

I am particularly into Batters and Elvgren style images of the 50's and of course their amazing contemporaries, Alvarado and Viva Van Story to name but two!

I am looking for interesting looking models who fit the genre and have positive ideas of their own to add to the mix. Being able to do MUAH to a high level is a real advantage as is a period wardrobe.

Contact me if that's you and you would like to take images that are just a little bit different. Maybe we can share some ideas and see where we go?

My partner in crime has recently steered me in the direction of a alternative/horror style of shooting which is proving to be stimulating.

All shoots are chaperoned unless we know each other from previous shoots.

Thank you for looking
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