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About www.ManglikShaadi.Com is an exclusive Manglik Matrimonial Website. Currently the website offers FREE matrimonial services for prospect manglik brides and manglik grooms. We wish all a very good luck in finding a suitable manglik match through our website.
Description Manglik Shaadi (ManglikShaadi.Com) is a dedicated Manglik Matrimony website for Manglik Dosha, Chevvai Dosha or Kuja Dosha effected brides and grooms. At ManglikShaadi.Com we serve the community in finding suitable manglik bride or groom for themselves or their near and dear ones. The idea to create this exclusive manglik matrimony website was popped up after observing that many of parents, siblings or even the prospect bride or groom themselves seen struggling to find a suitable manglik match. Hence a robust website was required to cater the needs, thereafter there was no looking back and today we are online to serve you.

What is Manglik effect (Manglik Dosha) in Janam Kundli?
Manglik Dosha or Chevvai Dosham or Kuja Dosham is a planetary effect in one's vedic birth chart which is known as Janma Kundli in most of the indic languages. As per religious beliefs, If one is effected with manglik dosha then he or she should marry a matching manglik profile to reduce the bad planetary effects on their married life.

How to check Manglik Dosha in Janam Kundli?
It is very easy to verify if the girl or boy is effected with manglik dosha but still we suggest you to consult a well informed astrologer to verify the effect in Janma Kundli. Let us discuss the basic way of establishing the dosha in Janma Kundli, if Mars is seen in the first, fourth, seventh, eighth or twelfth house of the Janma Kundli chart then it is the first confirmation of one being Manglik. However the effect could be full (Poorna Manglik) or partial (Anshik Manglik) , that could be easily checked with learned astrologers.

Effects and Remedies of Manglik Dosha?
Being Manglik is not a sin, it is just a simple astrological condition which says that while seeking a matrimonial alliance it is advised to find a kundli matched manglik bride or groom. The most discussed such alliance was of Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai's marriage, as per media reports the families of these superstars took best precautions and consulted some renowned astrologers to conduct some pre-marriage puja to pave the way for marriage. Today Abhishek and Aishwarya are the leading couple of Bollywood and have been blessed with a beautiful daughter Aaradhya, we wish a happy and long life to the family.

For our own satisfaction we can consult any astrologer to get the remedial tips or to perform suitable kind of puja.

Who is behind ManglikShaadi.Com?
We are young internet technology enthusiasts based out of national capital region , New Delhi, India.

Why this website is FREE?
This website is FREE for registrations and creating profile, the reason behind this is purely community service and nothing behind that. If in case we went commercial in coming months and years then no need to worry about you will not be charged for any kind of services on this website being an early riser. And we will make sure to amend this section accordingly at that time. ;-)
Overview Manglik Shaadi is part of InfotechMart.Com. Manglik Shaadi (ManglikShaadi.Com) provides manglik matrimonial services.
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