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How to place an order?
Step 1:
Fill in the following:

1) Name :
2) Address :
3) Contact No. :
4) Item's Link (Size / Colour / Quantity ) :

Step 2:
Then, send a message to my Facebook Inbox -

Step 3:
Wait for my reply about your item's total amount.

Step 4:
Make your Payment within 3 days. Then, inform me once you've made ur payment (tell me which account u bank-in).

Public Bank:
Acc. no. : 4584 46 9922
Name : Lim Ly May


Acc no. : 1021 7505 6485
Name : Lim Ly May

>> 请在三天内付款,不然订单一律取消,谢谢合作~
Pls Bank-in within 3 days after you've placed your order. I'll inform u once i received your payment. C=

--- Postage---
West Malaysia → RM8 for 500g
East Malaysia → RM10 for 500g

** 预购需知 **
** Terms & Conditions **

Products sold are Not Refundable OR Returnable.

三天内不付款的一律取消订单哦~ 谢谢合作~
Please make your payment within 3 days, if not your order will be cancel.

Pre-ordered item must be fully paid, only then you will have a confident purchase.

Personal or face-2-face payment is not allowed (unless permit by the shop owner). There will be also no such thing as HALF-payment first, then the rest after the items arrived.

货物将会在预购结束后1至2个星期内抵达买家手上。(除非有什么意外~不能等的买家请不要下单. =)
Products will be send to your doorsteps within 1 - 2 weeks (sometimes will be late) after the pre-order closing date. DO NOT order if u can't wait for it. =)

The actual colours may vary due to differences in monitor colour depth and make.

Products price shown does not include postage fee.

Issues such as small stains, thicker or thinner of the materials, product's colour differs from the picture, dissatisfaction of the quality, the size is either too big or small. Products are not Refundable Or Returnable.

Buying risk are beared by the customer, please make sure you agree to the Terms & Conditions before placing any order. We reserve the right to change it any time.

If u have any problem, feel free to post it on our wall or leave us a message in our inbox~


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