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Description Thanks for your interest with Binding Tie Whitetails!
We offer safari, blind, or spot & stalk styles of hunting.
We had a 100% success rate in 2014.
We guarantee you ample opportunity at big Whitetails!
Our booking fee for a buck up to 200" is $1,000. Any buck over 200" requires a booking fee of 50%.
We offer lodging with meals in our ranch home for $100 per night. We do not have any trophy, extra person, or day fees. If for some reason your hunt is unsuccessful, you will only owe your lodging fees + $100 per day guide fee.
Day hunts are also available.
Our guide travels 5 hours from New Mexico to take you on your hunt.
We have never had a hunter leave without success. We offer group rates & encourage family hunts. You are welcome to kill any and all varmits you see. We don't have any pigs on our ranch. Our back porch is set up facing west. In the evenings you can enjoy the sunset in the beautiful hill country & at night you will see exotics & whitetail underneath a stadium light we have set up over a feeder.
We will take video & pictures throughout your hunt & will email them to you free of charge. We will also field dress your animals & load them into your truck.
We have multiple local processors & taxidermists we can recommend.
They can ship your meat & mount to you when it's done.
Our bucks will range from 140"-350"+ for the 2015 season.
We have typicals & non-typicals. We also offer exotics year round.
Thanks for your interest, & we can email you prices & pictures of available bucks around July. Feel free to email or text us with any questions.
Phone (575) 302-8731

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