Neurotic Thoughts of Brunette Insomniacs

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About We have a lot of things to get off our chests. Found the best way to let them flow without being considered Neurotics ;)
Description Often thought of as Desperate Lovers instead of the Hopeless Romantics we are, we finally found a channel to let our thoughts flow freely without receiving awkward comments and putting our friends and elders in misconceptions about us :P
The thought of making a page was an old one but what finally triggered it was the shared thought of two friends and a rather embarrassing comment from a respected teacher who (like many others before him) was of the impression that we have been hurt bad in love! No friends, that's definitely not the problem with us :D
So, here we are to share our rantings, our thoughts, our love for books, our love for quotes and most of all our love for Love... Stay tuned! :)
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