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About A multi-concept lifestyle store located in Johor Bahru,Malaysia.
Premium casual menswear store, Official retailer of many imported labels (Nudie Jeans)
Description At Gent Utopia, we have passion for quality, craftsmanship, and timeless character. We are dedicated to bring you the labels we love and share the inspiration that lasts. With our reliable and consistent service, we strive to give you a new level of shopping experience and become a platform that offers unique,well crafted,and high quality clothing with exclusivity.

Vito Hair - Our proud collaboration salon partner. Creative, bold yet sincere.

The Ambiguous Coffee.
A cup of coffee can be fragile, unstable, and extremely sensitive to consistency. It actually makes sense because after all the barista is a human being. The ambiguous nature is something to be celebrated and it pretty much is the thing that keeps coffee alive and exciting.
With this ambiguity, how everyone appreciates a coffee is disimilar!
Why don't you pop by and evaluate our freshly ground passion?
Mission Quality product, Reliable service, Passionate lifestyle
Bringing the brand new unforgettable shopping experience to you with our quality products and exquisite ambience.
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