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About Dr. Tes Mariano
Dr. Elisa Rodriguez
Dr. Marivic Cabuhat
Dr. Bella Marie Ocampo
Dr. Marg Santos
Description Provides a dental procedures pertaining to the needs of the patients. All dentists provides patients' dental care performing and practicing the following:

Oral Rehabilitation including simple extraction, prophylaxis and restorations
Root Canal Treatment
Pediatric Dental Treatment including Prophylaxis, Simple Extractions, Restorations, Fluoride Application and Sealants, Pulpotomy, etc.
Prosthodontics including Jacket Crown, Fixed Bridge, Flexible Dentures, Partial and Complete Dentures
Orthodontic Treatment including Removable Orthodontic Appliance, Retainers, Conventional Orthodontic Treatment and Passive or Self-Ligating Ortho. Treatment
Minor Surgery including Simple and Complicated Odontectomy or Surgical Removal of Impacted Tooth

We also performed dental treatment for special childrens and PWD patients.
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