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About Local Grower and Hybridizer of Select Northern Daylilies
Description Pinewood Gardens is the daylily garden of Phil and Luella Korth. We are located in northeast Wisconsin in a zone 4 climate. Pinewood Gardens is a licensed nursery specializing in hardy northern daylilies. Our daylilies have to survive winters down to -20 degrees often with little snow. We also have cold spring weather, late frosts and cool summer nights. Only a few daylilies thrive in our climate.

We have been hybridizing daylilies since 1997. Our goal is to develop high performance daylilies for northern gardens. The key characteristics that are important to us are: hardiness, consistent opening and beautiful faces. Plant evaluation takes place out in our garden. We expect our seedlings not only to survive but thrive. They must have adequate bud count, nice foliage and be consistently beautiful to look at. We are now seeing many wonderful seedlings and are introducing flowers that are great additions to the northern gardens.

For 2012, we have 12 new introductions including our first diploid introduction. Also a first this year is all of our 2012 introductions are dormant and should perform well over the northern half of the continent. Due to the struggling economy, we have kept our prices low this year with the exception of Arno's Bow Tie where we have had good interest and limited plants available. If you are interested in Arno's Bow Tie, order early.

Many of our introductions have been used in our hybridizing program and are proving to be wonderful parents. Due to the limited number of seedlings we grow, we cannot explore all the hybridizing potential of our introductions. Therefore, other gardeners interested in hybridizing may find new opportunities using our introductions. Where possible, we do show examples of the breeding potential of our introductions. We updated some of the older introductions showing some of the new seedlings from them (see Cast Your Crown, Sawtooth Predator, and Rocks Cry Out). All of our introductions have grown well in our climate but the evergreen foliage types will benefit from some winter mulch.
Overview Pinewood Gardens is a licensed nursery specializing in hardy northern daylilies.
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