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About A creative state of the art vegetable cart to revolutionized the vegetable cart business in South East Asia.
Description An estimated one million people are selling vegetables on carts across south east Asia.

Most of these carts are poorly managed, un-hygenic & quality of the produce is compromised.

In South east Asia people love eating vegetables & with time they want quality produce.

There are multiple problems with these carts like cheating consumers with less weight, low quality vegetables with rotten mix, price hike & vegs are not graded. Poorly managed supply chain ending up with no fresh vegetables.

We came up with an idea of a trendy & modern cart so we can improve lives of these cart men & also provide quality vegetables to end consumers.

This is 1st branded cart in Pakistan & name is “Hari Bhari” which means fresh & whole some.

This cart is equipped with a digital weight scale so buyers can not be cheated & they pay for what they are getting.

Vegetables are sorted & graded for quality assurance before bringing to the cart.

A gps is installed with a high tech software which can send daily vegetable rates to the registered consumer surrounding the coordinates of the moving cart.

Equipped with a hand slicer if someone wants quick slicing

Easy payments via cell phone & we also accept mobile credits if someone don’t have cash at the moment.

We have developed one cart which needs some improvement & looking forward to make 10 more this year & 200 by the end of 2014.

By adding 10 more carts we can be able to create 15 jobs for underprivileged families & can supply fresh vegetables to 5000 households.

One day we believe that’s lives of millions of cart owners can be changed & billions can have quality vegetables.

Please support us to change the future of these cart owners.
Mission From farm to fork quality vegetables for the people by the people.
Web site http://haribhari.vproduce.com

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