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About The Craft Safari is a journey we undertake in search of our roots. To embrace our beautiful traditions once again. Travel with us, and you will fall in love with Indian handicrafts and handmade goods.
Description The Craft Safari is an act of love for us 2 craft lovers- Geetha Mary Jimmy and Ann Thomas.

Living in the UAE, we both liked doing up our homes with Indian artifacts and crafts and this made us search for the best of indigenous crafts from across India. As we got to know more and more of Indian craftsmanship we thought of this – Why don’t we make these wonderful crafts available for other Craftaholics like us in UAE? This thought led to the birth of The Craft Safari.

We started in October 2011, with just 2 suppliers and a meager capital. Those days we just represented 2 states in India. But today we have many more suppliers and many more states from where we represent crafts.

As of now we sell only through exhibitions and home fairs but we are always accessible through our almost 24 hour active FB page. (Believe it or not, the passion for crafts make us login to the page in the middle of the night too)

We believe in the beauty of Indian handmade goods and it is indeed a matter of pride when people send us pictures after doing up their homes with what they buy from us. Above all, it gives immense satisfaction when we become instrumental in giving a place of pride to an unknown Indian artisan’s labor.

A few of our products include Terracotta lanterns, terracotta Ganeshas (different poses like Musical, reading book, worshiping Shiva, having tea etc,), Terracotta bells, Copper Bells from Kutch, Bastar crafts, Longpi from Manipur, DIY Craft kits, Charmakari Danglers, Paper Machie crafts, Dhokra, Rajasthani Jharokhas and musicians, stone craft and Wood block carving from UP etc.

We have also ventured into conducting craft workshops, the first in the series being Kerala Mural Painting workshop. We are also helping out our friends in doing up their homes in Indian way.

Our dream is to become UAE’s one stop destination for Indian handicrafts and that too in a cute little store format.
Overview The Craft Safari is for "Craftaholics", for those who marvel at the beauty of Indian Handicrafts. We are passionate about each and every artefact made by unknown artisans from the remote villages of India.

An attempt to bring the art and artisan to the limelight here in Dubai
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