Chong Hwa Independent High School, Kuala Lumpur

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Description Chong Hwa Independent High School, Kuala Lumpur is one of Malaysia's oldest high schools. Established in 1919 in Setapak, Kuala Lumpur, the school was a primary school. It became a high school when the school board purchased a piece of land of 24,000 square metres along Jalan Ipoh and decided to move the school there. It has remained there ever since.After Malaysian independence, all schools in the country were asked to assimilate into the national school system. Chong Hwa High School was one of the minority of schools that decided to remain apart from that system. Being an independent school means that the school needs to sustain itself through student fees and donations from the public.Despite the lack of government funding, the school has maintained a 100% passing rate for all government examinations since being established. Its alumni includes the former health minister (Lee Kim Sai). The school has 4,900 students and 300 staff members, being one of the largest high schools in Malaysia.In 2012, the number of classes increased to 95, accommodating more than 5000 students.
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