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About - PCB fabrication & designing
- Automation Through PLC's, Microcontrollers & PC's
-Renewable Energy (solar,wind)
-Custom Engineering
-Power Devices (UPS..)
Description 1. PCB Design, Circuits And Manufacturing.
Designing and manufacturing printed circuit boards (starting from 1 piece up to ...) keeping the rate lowest as much as possible and boasting service to maximum (low profit max sale).
1. SBC's
2. H-Bridges
3. Sensors
4. Actuators
5. Drivers (relays, optical, magnetic, line drivers RS232-RS484 etc)
6. Display circuits
7. Communication (wireless i.e. radio, IR, Wi-Fi etc)
8. Interfacing circuits etc
2. Automation Through PLC's And Embedded System (i.e. Microcontrollers).
Process control and instrumentation using PLC's and microcontrollers deciding which one is more convenient reliable and flexible. And connecting to the PC if convenient.
3. Custom Engineering Services.
Providing custom engineering services to universities i.e. Final year students and industries producing customs parts and designs using CNC may be mechanical parts, electronic circuits, SBC's etc.
4. Renewable Energy.
As clear from the power shortage and rising prices of the electrical power we must concentrate on renewable energy may be solar generators, wind turbines etc.
5. Digital Voltage Stabilizers.
Providing energy efficient and real voltage stabilizers in lowest possible price.
1. Controlling Voltage in primary coil
2. Smoothing voltage little or no jumps (4 relays system higher voltage jumps avoiding relays using SCD)
3. Simple Transformer
4. Will give almost constant voltage
6. Invertors.
Energy efficient and intelligent inverters for home and office use both high power rating and compact size also in lowest possible price.
1. Sourcing power accordingly to the load
2. Consuming less battery charge (enhanced battery life)
3. No humm sound
7. Three Four Combined.
Combining both stabilizers and inverters to best suit the customers need.
8. Home And Office Automation.
Automating both homes and offices to advance and improve the life style of the Pakistani people.
1. Automatic Doors
2. Pass code doors
3. Remote control lights, fan, TV may be anything
4. Main Gates pass code or remote controlled
5. Alarms ... etc
9. Sound Systems.
Sound systems for both offices and universities best price long range and good quality.
10. Security Systems.
Security systems for both homes and industries and commercial areas to avoid accidents and security threats.
11. Software Solutions.
Providing software solution to industry and engineering firms targeting PLC's type PC control, bringing site or whole process to control room giving access to the process or equipment through internet, GSM or any other wireless mean. A lot of work and engineering heights to be achieved. SCADA systems. (Arduino + PC's i.e. + will be robot basic or modbus vb may also be used).

12. Vehicle Transformation (Smart Vehicle).
Vehicle transformations something one can imagine just like transformers. Step towards APC's.
1. NOS.
2. GPS System.
3. GSM System.
4. Sonar Proximity Sensors.
5. 2 Axis Gyro and Accelerometers.
6. Cameras for Security And Image Processing.
7. Digital Or Biometric Pass Code.
8. Automatic Braking System.
9. Total Digital Display.
10. Fuel Efficiency.
11. Body Robotics.
12. Luxurious.
Mission Engineering excellance
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