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About Team Rickdog are a sidecar speedway team from Adelaide, South Australia.
Rider - Ricky Fechner
Passenger - Cameron White
Description Welcome to the official page of Team Rick Dog! The page to keep you up to date with Ricky Fechner (Rider) and Justin Richards (Passenger) as they take on the world of Speedway Sidecar Racing


Ricky 'Rick Dog' Fechner
Ricky started racing motocross at 14 years of age and won multiple club meets, however only ever won one title which was 2010 ACUSA Park Pony Express outright winner. Ricky rode for Yamaha World MX for 4 years.
Ricky had a major crash during the Kadina Stadiumcross event in November 2011 which left him in a coma and fighting for his life. After only 7 months, Ricky returned to motocross racing only to find he no longer had the desire for motocross and eventually sold his bike.
In July 2012, Ricky purchased his first speedway sidecar and had mixed results with bike failure and unfortunate passenger injuries. He also missed half of the racing season due to the lack of finance available to fund needed bike repairs, and a season ending injury to his passenger.
During the off season, Ricky had multiple passengers commit to joining him in competition, however none followed through. That was until he posted on Facebook looking for a passenger, to which Justin responded.

Justin 'The Magician' Richards:
Justin joined the world of speedway from an early age, going to multiple events around the state as a spectator; it wasn't until 2013 Justin joined up with Ricky, and hopped on the back of the 1000cc Yamaha Powered machine.
Riding motorbikes since the age of 4, Justin has enjoyed the highs and lows that motorcycles can offer, although not racing competitively until recently.

Clay Fechner
Greg Richards
Phone 0433 781 207

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