Mateiti Agricultural Development Project

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About Mateiti Agricultural Development Project exists to help develop a remote farming community in the north of Sierra Leone
Description Mateiti Agricultural Development Project in Sierra Leone was started in 1986, at that time purely to develop agricultural cash crops as a means of creating income for the villagers. Up until then the farmers had subsisted on rice production, which provided them with a basic food crop for their families but no extra income for anything else.

We were fortunate enough to be given a starting up grant from Oxfam and citrus crops and oil palms were planted around the village of Mateiti. However the civil war, which started in the mid 1990’s and lasted for the next 10 years wiped out all the hard work that had been undertaken. Crops and houses were burned to the ground; the locals lost everything they possessed.

We hope you will see that the fundraising we are undertaking is vital for the infrastructure of the villages. Because these farmers had no extra income to provide them with savings, they have been left in absolutely dire circumstances. A first consignment of goods has already been shipped out and we are hoping to do more in the near future. There is also a concerted effort to raise funds for solar panels to be installed at the local secondary school; we have already shipped out a number of computers, which are currently being run using generators.

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