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About Impressive Memories will capture YOUR precious memories, to treasure and hold on to for a lifetime.
Description Think about your most Impressive Memories. Would it be...The birth of your child? Becoming a parent? Weddings? Special Occasions? Your childs milestone achievements?
Time passes us by so quickly...we are all living our busy lives...but some moments are too precious to be left in our past...Your first newborn baby wrinkles, those tiny toes starting out on their journey in life. Imagine being able to touch and hold those lines and wrinkles of their tiny toes FOREVER.

I can capture that moment for you, with a 3D cast. Every tiny detail that makes us unique can be treasured and remembered for generations to come. Imagine being able to let your child look back at their own tiny hand? Show it to YOUR children, who could go on to show it to their children! A family heirloom of the future...created now.

As they grow, I can capture siblings holding hands with one another. An entire family can be become your own unique work of art!!

Joining hands together on your wedding day...remembering and recognising the beginnings of a lifetime together. (**Please note that casts are heavy and in the event of a marital argument, they should not be hurled at your spouse, however tempted you may be!!!)

Do you have an elderly relative who you admire and respect? Have they influenced you? Helped you become who you are today? Would you recognise their hands from anyone else? Why not acknowledge that respect and capture them too?

Let's not forget our furry family either!! Our pets are often a vital part of our families and our memories...they might not be with us for as long, but they form Impressive Memories for us.

Would you be proud to wear a pure silver charm with your loved ones fingerprint or hand/foot print? Made entirely by hand, personally created just for you? Perhaps you'd prefer gold...not a problem, this can be done. Jewellery is a personal thing, but unique jewellery capturing our most Impressive Memories is a must for anyone who wants the world to see our proudest achievements.

Many other beautiful items available...please drop by and have a look at

Gift vouchers are a perfect alternative gift for new parents, grandparents, godparents...everyone x

Have an Impressive day, best wishes, Jen x
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