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About Prayers & Pledges for Peyton was created from an 8 year old Matthew Santana’s desire and passion to join in a 19 month old girl and her family’s fight against a rare form of cancer.
Description The following is a brief summary of what he is doing, why he is doing it and how we are trying to help his cause.

There's a little 19 month old girl named Peyton Zitelli that lives in his Lake Intervale (Parsippany), NJ neighborhood with her family, who is suffering from a very rare form of cancer. She has been going through weekly chemotherapy treatments, and has begun to lose her hair. Matthew overhears the adults talking about her losing her hair, and how difficult it must be for her family emotionally and financially with all the travel to Philadelphia every week – and he decides he wants to make a difference and help out.

In an act of solidarity, Matthew has decided he will show his support by shaving his own head,. He asked his father if people would sponsor him, then he could give the money to the family for travel expenses and medical bills – I remind you, Matthew is 8!

This page was created to pitch in and help spread the word even further. We originally put it out to our Facebook Friends, and asked if anyone wanted to step up and send Matthew some pledges for shaving his head – needless to say, the response has been overwhelming and frankly a miracle.

Even a local restaurant got wind of it and what was supposed to be a simple “shave-job” in his parent’s garage has become a full-blown community event. The Blackthorn Restaurant in Parsippany asked if they could host the event and donations are pouring in from everywhere.

The event will be on February 9, 2013 at the Blackthorn in Parsippany, NJ from 3:00pm – 5:00pm.

What started out as a little boy's wish to make a difference in this family's lives has turned into a community-wide event and with your help, we want to make this a global event – we want to continue to help support Peyton’s fight!
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