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About Wave Foundry is an Electronic Music Production School
Description At wave foundry, our top priority is to support the creative process and give you the knowledge you need to develop as a musician and artist.
Our classes are generally 1O1 ,allowing us to work closely with each student and give them the guidance they need to further their personal artistic growth.Our courses offer a refreshing, cross-genre approach to producing and performing electronic music, held in a hands-on studio environment.
Here is a look at our Curriculum :
Course Overview

The Production Process & Logic 9 Overview
• Studio setup, opening & saving projects in Logic 9
• The interface, browsing & auditioning apple loops
• Using transport controls & locators, navigating/zooming in track area
• Editing/arranging regions, basic arrangement.
Drum Programming – Basic MIDI Editing
• Basic rhythmic concepts: bars, beats, tempo, time signatures & counting
• Role of drums (down beat, back beat, pulse), kick, snare, hi hat, toms, cymbals
• Drum programming in Ultra beat using step sequencer
• Programming styles and genres: live vs electronic
• Syncopation, accents & velocities, de-mixing MIDI events by note pitch
• Basic MIDI editing (regions and piano roll), position, velocity and length
The Mixer
• The role of the mixing desk in music production
• Logic PRO Mixer: signal flow
• Grouping sounds and Track Stacks
• Setting Levels and Pan controls
• The role of EQ in music production
• How to use Logic EQ
Introduction to FX Processors
• Insert FX
• Send & return FX
• Using Reverb & Delays to create space
• Side-chaining in Logic PRO
• Loading & saving FX chains

Recording Audio
• Digital Audio Files, Media: audio bin, file management
• Choosing Digital Audio Settings; latency; microphones
• The Recording Path (Signal Flow & Gain structure)
• Recording Audio – Single & Multitrack
• Setting a recording level
Editing Audio
• Editing Regions, applying Fades & Crossfades; importing Audio Files
• Quantizing Audio Regions, Audio Track Editor
• Destructive editing in Audio File Editor
• Time compression and expansion
• Explanation of Logic’s Grid modes; working with Apple Loops
• Sampling history & overview; legal position
• Basic sampling techniques (root key, mapping, tuning samples)
• Identifying and trimming loops, beat detection
• Creating pitched & mapped Instruments.

Finishing your Track
• Using Automation
• Editing & Drawing Automation
• Arrangement techniques
• Processing the Mix; bouncing your Master

Web site http://www.wavefoundry.in

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