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Description We have seen the time when there were only a few countable media houses existed. We have timely updated ourselves with changing scenario and environment. We have always showcased what is true and what should be known to public.
“Malav Samachar” a name that was established in 14th November 1964 by Late Shri Thakurdasji Khujneri is an epitome of clean media with focus on truth that helps people know what they should know.
This legacy was then carried by Vinod Khujneri who took Malav Samachar to new heights and completely new dimensions.With an experience of more than 40 years of hard-core journalism and bloodline of more than 100 years of journalism, he sensed the mood and taste of the current generation which resulted in timely up gradation of the tabloid.
The 21st Century Malav Samachar is a full colour 16 page tabloid being published fortnightly having a 360 view of the happening around the world covered in sections from local, to state, to national and international news, which gives you a bird’s eye view of current affairs.
Malav Samachar is proud to announce that we are celebrating our 50th Anniversary this year which itself is a big milestone achieved by only few media houses. On this occasion we would like you to be a part of this growing network.
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