Crack Platoon Bangladesh 2013 _ক্র্যাক প্লাটুন বাংলাদেশ ২০১৩

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About Want to know about Bangladeshi people doing Miracle around the world? Or are you doing the one?
Be the new Crack Platoon 2013! Let's serve Bangladesh :)
Description The idea of this page comes with a realization that in different parts of world, Bangladeshis are doing the miracles in every possible way making the Red Green Flag shining. But how much do you know about them? They are working silently but strongly! Like the Crack Platoons did in 1971.

There might only be few minds who know 1971, but don’t know about Crack Platoon. It served as the finest guerilla commando team consists of freedom fighters like Shahid Imam Rumi, Badi, Azad. They undoubtedly did their best and sacrificed their most in 1971 like the real War Heroes.

This page will broadcast those news, their success stories or their ongoing efforts! If you are doing even a bit for Bangladesh, you are the members of the team. You are Crack Platoon Bangladesh 2013, You are Bangladesh.

Want to know about Bangladeshi’s doing miracle in the world? Be with us!

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