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Description Association of Coordinators of Catholic Schools of Evangelization ACCSE / 2000


is an effort having as its only purpose to serve Bishops and other Church Leaders in the area of Catholic Evangelization.
The specific service offered relates to the promotion of Schools of Evangelization on national, diocesan, and even parochial levels throughout the Catholic Church.
This loosely structured Association is seen as:

1. A response to Christ's command that his disciples "Proclaim the Good News to all creation." (Mark 16, 15-16; Mt 28. 18-19)
2. A concrete way to foster the Church's primary and universal mission of evangelization (Evangelii Nuntiandi, #14)
3. A positive answer to the call of the Holy Father, Pope John Paul II, for a "New Evangelization" in our times
4. A willingness to collaborate with Bishops in the vital task of training Catholic evangelists, doing so, however, only to the degree that the Bishops themselves would wish
5. An encouragement for other church leaders to direct their Zealand talents toward the task of training and preparing God's missionary people, as well as all future priests and religious for their "first task" of evangelization. (cf. Ad Gentes, #35; E.N., #59)
6. A support and resource centre for all efforts already underway in this regard
7. An effort to build a spirit of fellowship and mutual collaboration among those involved in training Catholic evangelists around the world
8. A positive and practical way to respond to the attacks of fundamentalist sects aimed at undermining the faith of Catholics.
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