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About Welcome to the official BespokeOEM Facebook page. Purveyors of the highest quality OEM & premium aftermarket products for prestigious marques.
Description BespokeOEM is the Cheltenham Spa based luxury automotive parts company with clients not only locally, but in London, across the United Kingdom and around the entire globe. BespokeOEM was conceived and created out of a natural, sincere passion for the automotive industry and anything related, which works perfect unison with our meticulous attention to detail and works professionally with our team’s exceptional customer service and product knowledge.

This product knowledge and attention to detail applies to BespokeOEM on all levels, even when it comes to selecting which brands we choose to stock within the high-standard shelves of our Cheltenham, Gloucestershire based Headquarters. We only accept the best automotive brands in the industry, we know our customers share those same levels of expectation and we know & continually expect to provide them with the highest level of products, services and knowledge we pride ourselves on.

The people who provide the highest level of the above-mentioned attributes are the dedicated, knowledgeable and friendly team at BespokeOEM. With our natural interest and passion individually for the automotive world and related subjects, we are confident we can answer any questions you may have about any products you wish to purchase from our comprehensive web store. Whatever the case may be, wherever in the world you may be based and whichever products you’d like to obtain, the accommodating BespokeOEM team are here to make your experience as smooth as possible and we do exactly that on a regular basis.

It’s not only high-standard, luxury automotive products and refinements we offer, but we are also delighted to offer any of our customers related, in-house services carried out at our very own Headquarters in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. The incredibly knowledgeable workshop team at BespokeOEM will upgrade and change your alloy wheels and tyres, even the alloy wheel colour, the brake caliper colour along with any upgrades needed including the brakes themselves, suspension, exhaust system, body kit installation and much more.

Just contact us at any time here and the BespokeOEM team are looking forward to hearing from you and to working with you on elevating the image and performance of your pride & joy to a mutually shared high standard of automotive luxury and performance.
Mission Our mission is to provide the most comprehensive range of prestige vehicle tailoring products and services, that meet the standards of even the most discerning clientele.
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