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Description CANDY CIGARETTE is a Jersey coast based photography company including two local photographers; Jennifer Stewart & Joseph Alechko. With years of becoming adept with candid photography to invoke a truthful and emotive moments. These two have worked side by side and whose passion for photography and art carries their style and work ethic. Both Jennifer and Joseph have traveled all across the New Jersey landscape to find moments and life to photograph. Honing their skills and to build their collection, these two would set out with no plan but to experience and capture life in it's purest form. This is where Candy Cigarette was born. A want to make photographs capture an emotion alongside of a memory. They want to build a collection of everlasting moments for each client and have it true to their event or occasion. Jennifer and Joseph aspire to learn as much as possible about their subject to engage them on a personal level. This is to ensure success in the session and build a trusting professional relationship. They will take the time to learn what the client likes or dislikes and applies it to their final product. In this atmosphere there are no hidden identities. No sales pitch. No project without attention and lacking the substance the client desired.
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