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About Founded by Mr Caden Y, a full time tutor since 2006....
Description e3 (E-Cube) learning centre wish to provide his service to
- Enrich their lives with different experiences during lesson time.
- Empower your mind with knowledge & life-long skills.
- Excel in academic with help from us.

Over the years of teaching, I have observed that students faced difficulties in learning as well as facing their exams with insufficient preparation.

Understanding of the topics are not difficult at all. Here in E3 Learning Centre, we try to make things as SIMPLE as possible as well as CLOSE to us.

Field trips to various places eg: zoo, science centre, museum are conducted to allow students to observe & learn.
Mr Caden has his own teaching materials accumulated throughout the years.

Registration will be held everyday, Monday to Friday. 9am to 6pm.
Mission To Enrich, Empower & Excel..
Enrich in life, Empower Knowledge & Excel in academic
Phone 91112117 (monday to friday 9am to 6pm)
Web site http://elearnwithcaden.blogspot.com

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