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About Graphic Designers and Clothing Line!
Description Fake Page: www.facebook.com/pages/Urban-Kaos/262280517178649 • Yum Ifzal: Selling our designs on saying that she did them. • Charlotte Colvin: Selling our designs on saying that she did them.
Overview We have designed for many people and companies:
MCs, DJs, Producers, Events, Clubs, Record Labels, Photographers, Entertainment Groups, Dance Groups, Radios, Retail Stores, Clothing Lines, Salons/Hairdressers, Wedding Planners, Beauty Artists, Boxers, and random everyday people after one off designs.

We have also sold Clothing Worldwide to many places such as: New York, California, Germany, Switzerland, Texas, Spain, Australia, Finland, Iowa, Pakistan, Taiwan, Austria, Canada, Mexico, France, Arkansas, Illinois, Malta, Florida, Washington, South Dakota and Romania!

We are an exclusive Clothing Line, you can only purchase direct from us via our Websites Online Store or by contacting us.
Web site www.urbankaos.co.uk

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