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About Acra Machinery; supplying press brakes, guillotines, long length slitter folders, punch and shears, notchers, new and used sheetmetal machinery and all associated equipment. Acra Machinery are agents for Durma, Jorns and Euram tooling.
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Registered in 1975, the name ACRA Machinery has always been synonymous with the highest quality machinery and the best customer service available.Founded by Jeff Beable

Acra Machinery was first registered in 1977 starting out as a service business mainly repairing and maintaining Kleen press brakes and guillotines, then later all Acrabend Press Brakes and Acrashear Guillotines. It wasn't long before many customers were asking Jeff's assistance in finding quality second hand machinery and seeking advice on the selection of new machinery.

In 1986 Acra Machinery bought from Leeton Steel Works the manufacturing right, including all existing spare parts, for all Acra products.

It was about that time Acra Machinery became a company with the intention of continuing to build Acra Machines in Australia.

Economic reality at the time made this dream impossible.

However the second hand side of the business was growing larger each year but Acra still needed a supplier of quality new machines. Acra traveled to Europe and America several times looking at all machines available. Acra finally settled on a previously unheard of Manufacturer in Turkey, Durmazlar. Since then in 1994 Durmazlar has grown to be the largest Press Brake manufacturer in Europe and the second largest in the world, spanning an impressive 155,000 square meter factory. They are now manufacturing over 6000 high quality machines annually. Going forward ACRA are committed to a further expansion of our range to cater for the Australian sheet metal, machine tool and steel building industry.
Mission The ACRA Mission Statement is a simple one:

To supply our customers with the best in machinery
To lead the industry in service, support and backup
To be a profitable through following the best possible practises
To service our customers with the best equipment available to us, and to ensure that all business is performed in an open, honest and honourable manner
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