West Country Water Buffalo

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About Such a succulent and tasty meat you will be amazed how tender and delicious West Country Water Buffalo beef is, lower in fat than traditional beef and rich in iron and vital minerals.
Description We are a family run farm near Yeovil, Somerset. We currently have a herd of 250 Water Buffalo which include the orginal 22 that we imported from Romania. We support local farmer's markets in addition to our farm gate sales.

Our herd has adapted well to the Somerset countryside, grazing on fresh grass and finding time for the occasional wallow when the rains allow! During the winter months when the ground becomes water logged the herd moves indoors to the comfort of the barns, where they are fed with winter forage grown on the farm. The Buffalo feed on a simple diet of just grass and maize with no added concentrates, completely natural and coming from the farm means no food miles!

The Water Buffalo beef that we produce is matured for 3 weeks at the farm shop and then expertly cut by our traditional butcher (Barry). The meat has a fresh and natural taste which is very tender and low in fat, making it a healthier and tasty alternative to traditional beef.
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Web site www.westcountrywaterbuffalo.com

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