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Description We recently were informed that the stencil paper that we have been using for years contains lanolin . We have spoken with the company and confirmed the contents, but as there are no workable alternatives to the stencils that we use, we are reluctantly removing our label as a "vegan" tattoo shop until we can find an alternative to this product. As a shop that is trying to find responsible and ethical ways of providing this service in a non-vegan world we treat this business as a community effort and very much appreciate those who bring this sort of information to to our attention. In the meantime all of the inks, soaps, and ointments we use are still vegan, we just don't feel right advertising our shop as such until this matter is resolved. We're really sorry that this has escaped our attention and for those of you that received a tattoo from our shop in the past we'd apologize for unknowingly misleading you. The stencil washes off after the tattoo procedure so anything that is still in your body is vegan. Thanks for your understanding and continued support.

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