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About Sri Padmanabha Swamy Temple,the abode of the supreme lord VISHNU!& Sri Padmanabha Darshnam, A forum for Sri Padmanabha devotees to share their bhakti and experiences..Sri Padmanabha Jayam!Om Namo Narayana:
Description SHRI PADMANABHA SWAMY TEMPLE is the world famous Hindu temple of Lord Vishnu, located inside the Fort in city of Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India. The temple is one of the 108 divya desam, the holiest abodes of Lord Vishnu. The main deity,is Padmanabhaswamy, Lord Vishnu in Anananthasayanam posture (in eternal sleep of yognidra). This is an ancient temple and the city of Thiruvananthapuram derives its name from the name of the presiding deity enshrined in the temple.
The last major renovation of the temple was done by King Marthanda Varma, Maharaja of the princely state of Travancore. He dedicated his kingdom to the deity, and pledged that he and his descendants would serve the kingdom as Padmanabha Dasa, meaning "servants of the Lord Padmanabha". With this, Sri Padmanabha became the nominal head of the state of Travancore, The vedic traditions being followed here with absolute perfection and sincerity is the hallmark of Sri Padmanabha swamy temple,The pooja routines are strictly followed without any compromise..The temple is one of the oldest temple in kerala,and one of the largest temple in kerala...the architecture used for the construction of the temple is a blend of kerala and tamil(dravidian)styles.where as the pooja system followed in the temple is according to traditional kerala Tantric way,formulated by Parasurama.Tharanallur nambothris are the heridetary tantris of Padmanabha swamy temple and nambothri bramins and tulu potties together perform the daily poojas in the temple following the Kerala Tantric pooja system,which is one of the oldest pooja system in practice.The priests in the temple who performe the poojas to padmanabha swamy are required to practise Bramacharya and are subjected to many regulations.for example they are not allowed to go to their house or are not allowed to be with their family.they are allowed to go back to their family only when they complete their term as the priest of the temple.The pushpanjali is offered to Bagavan by Swamiyar(sanyasi/saint).
There existed many speculations regarding the wealth of padmanabha swamy,in 2011 the supreme court of india ordered to open the vaults of padmanabha swamy temple and the wealth of the lord was estimated,which made the Temple world famous.Now Padmanabha swamy temple is known to be the richest place of worship of any faith.
The Temple is currently controlled and maintained by the Travancore Royal family.
Only followers of Hindu religion are allowed to enter the Temple and one has to follow certain disiplines while having the darshnam,while having darshnam males are supposed to wear Dothi(mundu in malayalam)and are supposed to be bear chested and the females are supposed to wear saree,that means no salwar/jeans and top kind of dresses.
The temple has Two festivals in a year known as ALPASI and PAIKUNI respectively and LAKSHDEEPA festival which is celeberated once in 6 years.the other important occasions in the temple are VAIKUNTA EKADESHI and THIRUONAM.
Darshan timings are as follows.. 3.30 am-4.45, 6.30-7.00, 8.30-10.00, 10.30-11.00, 11.45-12.00; (after noon) 5.00-6.15 and 6.45-7.20,the temple doors are closed after the seevali (8.30pm-9.30pm).
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