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About Jamaat-e-Islami Pakistan: Striving for Peace & Justice..!
Mission Mission
Our Dawah is that the Muslims must realize their responsibilities as such. What are these responsibilities?. They are not merely to follow the Muslim rules and rites with regard to marriage, divorce and inheritance. The most important and cardinal demand Islam makes from its followers is that they should stand by the truth----the truth they have professed; the very purpose to make them a specific people, according to Quran is to bear witness to the truth(The Quran).
In fact, all the Prophets were raised for this purpose, and after the death of every Prophet his people were required to discharge the same duty to continue his mission. Now it is the bounden duty of the Muslims being the followers of last of the Prophet (PBUH), to preach and practice, the way the Prophet (PBUH) himself performed it. Jamaat-e-Islami has been setup to discharge this very duty; individuals, no doubt, are engaged in the propagation of the good and reformation in a limited circle. Jamaat-e-Islami wants to extend this work to the whole spectrum of life collectively. And wants that Ummah should perform this duty of standing by truth which has been so exhorted by the last of the Prophets himself. In fact, verbally and practically duty of standing by truth can only be carried out, when a state based, on these principles, is established which by Islamizing the whole life, administers, justice, introduces good governance, reformation, brings peace ensuring the welfare of its people
Apart from this, through pious character of its rulers, noble politics, correct foreign policy, war for a noble cause, and through faithful compromise, sets an example that the Deen (Islam) which in its very basis is guarantor of human welfare and its practice is key to the good of whole human race. It is this divine government the Jamaat-e-Islami pleads and such a government can bear witness through its performance to the fact that Allah has pleased to prescribe Islam as a way of life for all mankind which was handed down to us by prophet of Islam on the occasion of his last sermon. He asked the audience, “ Have I conveyed the message of truth to you?” Reply came, “yes” then he said, “O Allah”, bear witness to this”.
The largest Religious - Political party of Pakistan. Jamaat-e-Islami Pakistan Women's Wing is struggling for a complete Islamic revolution in Pakistan in all areas. Jamaat e Islami has an honest, visionary and brave leadership.
General Information
If we may put forth these three points of our manifesto, they will run like this;
1. That we invite generally, those who are already Muslims, to the obedience of Allah
2. We call upon everyone who may embrace Islam: To get rid of hypocrisy and contradiction that is; one should be true to his claim.
3. We call upon you to come forward and end the influence of the proponents of falsehood, the sinful, and non practicing Muslims, from prevalent system of life, and in place, transfer the leadership from both theoretical and practical point of views, to those who are true believers and pious ones.
These three points, albeit, are quite clear, yet since long they have been shrouded in confusion. That is why, not to speak of the non Muslims, even before Muslims, they need to be explained.
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