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About What is Shockwave treatment?
Description Also known as Acoustic Wave Treatment, Shockwave treatments provide a reduction of fat and cellulite deposits. Shockwave is one of the latest treatment alternatives on the market, a procedure that reduces cellulite by manipulating the connective tissue deep under the skin’s surface using acoustic pulses that pass through the skin and fat to release the cells causing cellulite – the fat cells that are ‘trapped’ under the skin’s surface. The procedure takes only 15 minutes, and can show noticeable results after just a few treatments.

How does Shockwave treatment work?

Shockwave treatments are administered using a handheld device that mechanically pulls and sculpts the underlying tissues using a series of pulses. The head of the device emits high pressure waves to stimulate the skin and draw blood up near the surface. As the frequency is increased, the device helps manipulate and massage the connective tissues with intense pressure.

This procedure has already been used for several years to treat patients suffering from bad joints or poor circulation, because the vibration and rhythmic movements help to trigger the body’s pain and anti-inflammatory response so that new collagen is formed. More collagen and elastin under the skin make the top of the skin appear smoother and more resilient, and this itself can reduce the appearance of cellulite by:

◦Causing the connective tissue to stretch, which increases its elasticity;
◦Producing localized edema that increases vascularization (the organic process whereby body tissue develops capillaries), ensuring better exchanges to the connective tissue;
◦Producing an inflammatory reaction that triggers the release of healing mediators, leading to a new, thickened band of collagen being deposited in the upper and mid portions of the skin.
Shockwave treatments can target areas of dimpled skin that benefit most from the vibrating and pulsating device, as the skin is pulled upward and the tissues are manipulated to release the conglomeration of stored fat cells. The body then eliminates these excess cells through its natural processes.
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