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Description "Love is all. Keeplove."

A new genre of music he calls "Folkstep", Keeplove? is quickly becoming a crowd favorite and an artist to watch out for. A singer/songwriter/producer, "Folkstep", the sound performed live by Keeplove?, is a mixture of original beats and recorded vocal and guitar samples, triggered and layered with live vocals and guitar, creating a live experience and sound never before heard or seen. Keeplove? demonstrates "Folkstep" with his new ep entitled "ElevenEleven Folkstep ep3". Stay tuned, Keep love.

"Keeplove? and his unique brand of “Folkstep” is what you get when you cross Eddie Vedder, Fleet Foxes and Steve Earle with some low-end Dubsteppy vybz. He has been paving this unique and altogether new direction for singer/songwriters and Dubstep headz for a while. It presents new possibilities for artists in the Rock/Country/Folk/Americana genres to mix it up with underground dance sounds. Plus he was doing this way before the more commercial EDM-Country House bastardization by Avicii."

"I think what this latest EP also best showcases is that Keeplove? is really genuine with regards to his love for music and his experimenations with genres and sounds, both acoustic and electronic.
He understands both and he has tried to express his love for both through his music and the melancholia of his real life experiences has also been captured which makes the music even more intriguing. This is story-telling and it’s also brutally honest."

"Michigan-based singer-songwriter/producer, Dave Samano crafts folk-y, dubstep inspired tunes. A lo-fi sound that's been all too lost in this technology-driven era of music, Samano's collection takes one back to a simpler time.....while staying connected to the sharp edge of these modern ones."

"Often touted as a marriage of Bassnectar and Mumford and sons. Real quality material here that presents great new possibilities for what serious and talented artists in the Rock/Country/Folk- Americana genres can do when they mix it up with underground dance sounds like Dubstep."

"Yeah it could easily be Popstep/Rockstep/Luvstep/Voxstep but it’s all OG well crafted material with exactly the right nuances of Dubstep to create a perfect marriage of when Rock/Folk meet Dubstep."

Demonstrating his diverse appeal Keeplove? has shared the stage with such acts as: MichalMenert, DavidStarfire, Plantrae, NappyRoots, East Side Boyz, FutureRock, Andrelien(Formerly Heyoka), Minnesota, Jantsen, Phuture Primitive, J-Phelpz, The Floozies, Bass Science, Unlimited Gravity, Blutech, ProperMotion, Kaminanda, Love and Light, Fillibusta, Bassthoven, SUBliminalChaos, KongSpeaks and many others...

Keep an eye peeled for the next Keeplove? live set near you!

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