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About Conservas Cuca
Description Conservas Cuca
For more than 70 years Conservas Cuca has been carefully selecting premium ingredients and using traditional methods to make fish and seafood products with a unique and delicious flavour.

This is possible thanks to a rigorous selection of products (they are caught at dawn or gathered by hand); to being faithful to the traditional method, we only use fresh and natural products, free from preservatives and artificial colourings; to centenary and innovative recipes and to the assurance of the highest quality level ISO 9001:2000 certification proves.

Organic line

We are the first brand of canned food with an organic certification.

Cuca, always committed to quality, has launched the first line of canned food with organic extra virgin olive oil.

Once again we believe in a healthy and natural diet which must be respectful towards nature.

Faithful to our environmental commitment, we contribute with eco-friendly systems of production to reduce pollution and improve the sustainability of our planet.

The line of products Cuca Ecológicos is regulated and certified as organic by the strict quality standards of the Organic Agriculture Regulatory Board of Galicia (C.R.A.E.G.A.).
This is the best guarantee to enjoy the quality of a healthy and natural product.

Our products are caught in the best fishing grounds with traditional techniques and they are selected for their size to obtain the ideal flavour, texture and colour.

We always use the best organic extra virgin olive oil.

In Cuca, only natural ingredients are used and this is certified by numbering and identifying each can with the guarantee of the Organic Agriculture Regulatory Board of Galicia.


Mission Health

Canned fish and seafood are an excellent way of eating fish. Their nutritional properties do not disappear during the production process, and they are free from pollutants and easy to transport, store and use. Regarding their classification, they are protein food.

They provide proteins of excellent quality, the best ones, called high biological value proteins. They also provide an exceptional type of fat which is only found in blue fish, omega-3 fatty acids, very important for heart health. In addition, they are rich sources of vitamin A, D and B12, and minerals, such as iron, calcium, phosphorus, iodine and potassium.

If we take all this into consideration, we can say that this is a delicacy for our palates and a treasure for our health.

They can be used in endless ways. We can eat them as fast food when we do not feel like cooking or we do not have enough time as simple as opening a can or we can cook them in wonderful recipes as those suggested by Iria Castro. Fish in general is low-collagen food, so it is easily digestible and well-tolerated. Therefore all kinds of people can eat fish, from the youngest children to the elders. Due to its low cholesterol level, it is especially prescribed for people with heart diseases, and since it is also low in saturated fat, it is essential in a diet to prevent cardiovascular diseases. Three serves of blue fish each week are recommended in a healthy diet.

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