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About Maker of the hip and eco-friendly Plate-a-Cup™. Party for the PEOPLE! Party for the PLANET!
Description Have you ever put down your drink at a party to eat, but when you go back for your drink you can't tell which one is yours in the sea of abandoned drinks? Have you gone to a food & beverage event, or got your grub on at a food truck, and had the impossible task of trying to eat, hold your plate and drink at the same time? Or, have you been blacklisted from parties because you're known to damage people's expensive furniture from water rings your drinks left behind? Well, we have the solution for's Plate-A-Cup™! Our unique patented design allows party-goers to hold their beverage and plate in one hand, while the other hand is free to eat, shake hands, or pocket a business card. Plate-A-Cup™ will revolutionize the party experience and you'll never want to be at a food and beverage event without one.

Plate-A-Cup™ is not only practical, but eco-friendly. After sugar is extracted from sugarcane, it is traditionally incinerated or discarded. We have re-purposed the use of the sugarcane pulp in the production of our plates, making it literally tree-free! Our plates are not only hip and square, but the shape makes efficient use of space in packaging. More can be shipped per square inch, thus reducing the amount of emissions put into the environment. We are also working to add to our line of products cups and cutlery that has the feel and strength of plastic, but is unbelievably made from corn starch (PLA - polylactic acid). All of our disposable products will be sustainable, biodegradable, commercially compostable, and tree-free!
Mission We at Eco-Eats™ Partyware enjoy a great party, but we also feel it's important to have a healthy respect and awareness of the environment by making good choices on products that we choose to use. It's about leaving a legacy, inspiring others to become involved, and making a difference no matter how large or small. It is up to us as businesses, consumers and stewards of the earth to seek alternatives to everyday consumption choices, that will help minimize our carbon footprint on the environment and help create a better and sustainable world. Everyone can make a difference. It just takes desire and the willingness to change. Eco-Eats™ embraces this concept and way of life by using renewable and sustainable resources in our products and partnering up with other businesses that live by the same philosophy.
Overview Maker's of the hip and eco-friendly Plate-a-Cup™. Revolutionizing the party experience and the must have of every food & beverage event!

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