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Description The HoffmanFit Fan Page is a community created to inspire, educate, and empower its followers to achieve their best body ever, regardless of gender, age or physical condition.

What can you expect from me: To start—you’ll get the truth. What it really takes to get in shape, build muscle, shed body fat, develop a strong attractive physique/body; not to mention feel amazing.

I promote and teach a lifestyle and philosophy of living rather than a quick-fix program that you do for X number of days or months. I despise fitness & weight loss lies and industry deception and frequently voice my opinion whenever given the chance.

Our society is in trouble with the information it’s fed by programs that prey on the number of overweight and out of shape people that desire to get fit but want results overnight.

Truth is, there is no quick-fix to getting lean and fit. It requires intelligently applied hard work, dedication, and consistency. Without it, your chances for making a lasting change and experiencing the glory of a fit and healthy body are close to zero.

I recommend everyone start by getting a copy of my book on Amazon: The 9 Principles for a Lean & Defined Body for an educated start to reaching your goals.

Every month I offer a FREE promo and have given away thousands of copies. Otherwise you can purchase it for less than the cost of a sandwich.

If you applied the principles outlined in my book you would achieve your best body ever.

Too many people need to learn the truth about what they thought was true. Topics such as supplements, nutrient timing, methods for losing belly fat, nutrition and what kind of workouts are best for losing body fat and shaping the body.

The majority of people who work out in a gym don’t have a lean & defined body no matter how hard they train. It’s a rarity nowadays to see guys that have a muscular, chiseled physique.

Instead, you see many guys with big arms and pecs and large belly’s. They spend time talking about the latest garbage energy drinks or discuss their supplement regimen instead of learning how to properly eat and prepare healthy, fat-burning meals which are far more powerful for producing a ripped body than any supplement.

The quest for the elusive set of six-pack abs remains for the most part unattainable because of the incorrect methods that are used.

Why? First, because very few gym enthusiasts execute good exercise form to properly place each muscle group under adequate tension to result in growth.

Second, because so many people believe and act on incorrect diet and nutrition information. Don’t take my word for it—look around and see for yourself the number of obese individuals. That’s EXACTLY what I see—everywhere I go.

Learn how to effectively workout using free weights, learn proper nutrition and meal planning for developing a lean body and you’ll be ahead of more than 98% of the population.

Follow me as we navigate through the workout and fat loss BS and do what it takes to get you the results you’ve always dreamed about. You’ll receive only the highest quality of information from me--someone who practices what he preaches every day.

I’ll show you how a guy over 50 years old with a signature set of six-pack abs maintains a shredded body under 5% body fat while preparing for fitness modeling shoots beating the competition against guys half my age. I’ll teach you everything I’ve learned in my more than three decades of experience.

Whether you’re a guy or gal, old or young you still want that flat stomach or a chiseled set of six-pack abs, right?

Do you want to learn a healthy, sustainable approach to getting muscular, lean and defined?

If you’d like to read more about me you can go to my bio page on my website.
Web site http://www.hoffmanfit.com

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