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About Designing personified! Unlike others who want to fit in their designs to a body, we design for the bodies our clients have.
Description Sia Design Studio is not just designs—its something more than that!

Our creative aspect starts right from the moment you step in the studio, in search of something outstanding to wear.
And we offer personalised designing, which is an art in itself. The process starts from a warm welcome when you step in, and continues while we keep visualising your body type wearing thousands of designs which would suit you on an occasion, or for just spelling out a fashion statement with your friends.
Celebs and customers, who have stepped in the studio, have all been provided with a hospitable and personalised approach when it comes to dressing. And that is where we stand apart!
Unlike others who want to fit in their designs to a body type, we design separately for the body type our clients have. Whether you are thin or curvaceous—we would create a design which would suit you well.
Step in the studio and our team would start analysing as to what would look good on your personality, and may counsel you with suggestions to make you look glamourised, adding a much more personal approach in your presentation.
What we craft are no less than master pieces for our elite customers. And making master pieces out of cloth needs a mix of dedication, creative thinking and knowledge. Everything from the quality of cloth to embellishments we choose spells personalised luxury.
We are specialised in Indo-Western designs—a genre which is still evolving and amalgamates positive affect of globalisation into the traditional Indian dressing, echoing the spirit of independence and modernisation through an empowered woman.
In short, we design clothes which give the IWESTERNWALE touch to Indian outfits and vice versa.
Because we promise that what we would craft would fit graciously on your body type and charm the onlookers in a modern yet traditional INDO WESTERN MANNER!

Yours Truly,
Rakhi Shah Bhambani
...Reassuring confidence through modern dressing!
Mission Reassuring confidence through modern dressing!
Overview Sia Design Studio was established on October 2, 2011, by Subir Bhambani and Rakhi Shah Bhambani. The studio gave Indore a taste of creative Indo-Western Designs, which then had to be 'imported' from Mumbai.
Now with time the studio has evolved into a grooming sensation through creative dressing which customises these evolving designs for the Indore elites. The best you would know only after paying a visit or by fixing an appointment through our facebook page.

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